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In ancient mythology, the Hydra was a fantastical multi-headed beast, whose ferocity and tenacity were so great that not even the mighty Hercules could defeat it without help.

Giant Hydra is also a multi-headed creature of wide ranging skill and tenaciousness, only this time, the Hydra is a champion in your corner, not a fearsome foe.

Conceived in 2008, Giant Hydra occupies a unique niche in the advertising and marketing world. Its system allows advertisers and ad agencies access to a global pool of creative professionals, each with his or her own accolades and areas of expertise. But instead of choosing a single person to contribute to a particular project, or having creatives compete against each other in hopes of being “the one” to save the day and reap the rewards, Giant Hydra believes in “Mass Collaboration”, with each ‘head’ in the Hydra working as a team, building on each others ideas to vanquish a creative problem together.

The result: dozens of interconnected creative solutions for your projects and assignments, created by a team of many ‘heads’ with many disciplines and one goal.

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