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Before you apply...
A few words on confidentiality...

Each project in GiantHydra is subject to confidentiality agreements, and most advertising agencies have strict clauses in their employee contacts prohibiting them from working on outside projects. To avoid messy breach of contract disputes between agencies and creatves, you MUST agree to the following before signing up as a HydraHead.
  1. You must not be presently employed in a fulltime position by an advertising agency, or otherwise contractually forbidden to work on other projects. If at any point during your tenure as a HydraHead you become a fulltime employee of an advertising agency, you will notify GiantHydra Admin.
  2. Upon joining GiantHydra, your GiantHydra account is yours and yours alone. You must not share your password or account information with others, or grant others access to your account.
  3. Each GiantHydra project is subject to its own terms of confidentiality, which you must abide by. All ideas, executions and information within a project must be kept confidential and within the confines of the GiantHydra site. As a HydraHead, you must not share any aspect of a project with those outside of the project. This includes posting ideas and executions on personal blogs, social networking sites or other public sites.
  4. HydraHeads are legally liable to the agencies heading the GiantHydra projects in respect to confidentiality. In this aspect, GiantHydra is merely an intermediary.
  5. All ideas, comments, thoughts, executions, whether visual or written, become the property of the agency heading the GiantHydra project. They are free to change, modify or use these ideas in any way they see fit.
Failure to abide by the above terms will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from GiantHydra. If you are engaged in current projects at the time of expulsion you will not be paid for those projects.

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